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Fashion technology
Fashion technology

Fashion technology

                 The most important of the applications of apparel is the beautiful technology applications it helps to enhance your beauty in your apparel. Production management in fashion technology program to teaches students about designing fashion sales color combinations. As there is much progress in fashion technology, the students are aware of this progress. Due to the advancement in the fashion industry, the rapid progress in the textile and apparel industry students and gaining knowledge about the production.

Because the Big machine handle in fashion technology so  Tutorials like this are easily given to students through fashion technology students are trained by fashion technology to avoid any major mistakes Fashion technology is the most specialized degree for fashion field students and is offered only at the best institutions around the world. Designed to train students of the major Garment manufacturing industry to best practices in apparel production The covering corporation technology company Google to form what’s being known as a “smart” jacket. The word good is usually accustomed to describe actions guarded by a laptop. What Produce this jacket “smart” is drip-dry technology added to the cuff — the fabric skirting

Advantage of fashion technology

  • Very nice to look at
  • Easier to impress everyone
  • Technology method to facilitate to easy your work

A disadvantage of fashion technology

  • Slightly more expansive
  • Can be a little awkward

Creative design

                The creative design includes costumes worm at the re cinema industry and at various world events. We see a variety of costumes worm by cinema industry celebrities and entrepreneurs on our TV and social media or another platform the clothes they wear are usually made by the artist Eash and every outfit is worm every time creative designer will express this through various idea and forms Not only in costumes but also in various mansions, such poets express their interest and through their geometry.

Designers conduct an analysis of fashion tendency and interpret them for his or her public. Their clear-cut styles are utilized by makers in Creative design. this can be the basis of a designer’s role; but, there’s variation at intervals this that’s purposeful  by the shopping for and mercantilism approach, and merchandise quality; as an example, budget dealer can use cheap materials to interpret trends, however, high-end dealer  can make sure that the most effective on the market materials ar used

fashion design work

                There are many varieties each type of design work is divided into separate parts artists usually see their own art formally  The operating atmosphere varies between corporations and may vary from a Victorian-style plant to a contemporary, purposeful workplace or a little style studio in design work. Freelance designers may match from home or in an exceedingly rented studio.

With the rise in online marketing, fitting in business or being freelance is changing into a lot of common, even straight when graduation. in-depth research and business guile ar vital for any apparel industry to succeed

Work type

  1. Logo design
  2. Banner design
  3. Costume designer


  Little is knows of early times and then go-to assistant, even less Doller18,000 to 21,000. junior fashion designer expects to earn generally £30,000 a year Salaries vary looking at your level of expertise, geographical location, and sort of leader. Income figures are meant as a guide