Top 200+ Simple Mehndi design wedding & Arabic designs 2020

Simple Mehndi design
Simple Mehndi design

Mehndi design

        Women, in general, are beautiful. It is Mehndi that adds to the beauty. It is customary for our country ladies to beautify themselves during festivals and wedding ceremonies. Her beauty would not be complete without henna. This mehndi is very famous for its popular and looking gorgeous. The beauty of her henna is beautiful enough to impress viewers. So the women of our country love the henna much more. Mehndi is not old enough to make types and different designs. It is a beauty that can be applied to women of all ages. It is subject to the culture of Indian country. Separate shapes for the hands of the mehndi and the unique shape for the foot, as well as for different places in different mehndi designs there.  one of the most popular forms of Arabic mehndi design. These types of mehndi exhibit unique and very beautiful forms.

Arabic Mehndi design

                Arabic Mehandi is the most popular mehndi design. People love this because it is so many different mehndi designs. Although the name of the Arab country is Mehndi Design But it is very used in Asian countries. The reason why its use is so high in Asia is that the population is very high in Asian countries. Hence, it is found in most of the wedding and ceremony periods. So the use of mehndi here and its various forms are very much used. It is no exaggeration to say that design is a kind of art Because mehndi designing this is a kind of one type of art. The Arabic mehndi is most of the design in life and trees flowers and a lot of classic design founded in Arabic mehndi design. In the Arabic variety of mehndi, there are various types of elements and forms of flowers.

A simple method of designing

          No large tool is used during the mehndi design. it’s very simple to design. Lightly rub the henna on the palm then, with a small stick in the palm of the hand, you can make a beautiful shape. You can inject a beautiful leaf or an imagination design put in your girlfriend or your relative You can draw a very nice and smooth line in our hand. After you finish drawing the form, you will find yourself wondering about it. You will feel for yourself that this mehndi design is a beautiful art. Come along and join us to find out how to design a variety of Mehndi designs. We have come up with several mehndi formats design with example images and important points.

  1. three-part simple mehndi design

Let’s see how to make three different shapes in one palm. You need to follow Something before designing this form. If you follow this, you can easily design three types of shapes in one palm. We have come up with a three-dimensional format for you with some important points. These three types of shapes you can design for weddings and other festivals. Come on let us read how to design this three-part simple mehndi design.

  • How to design: With a small stick, you can divide the palm into three parts and look at  the drawing and you can easily draw
  • Required material: mehndi cone, mehndi cone stuck.
  • Suitable for: marriage functions
  1. conch wheel design

Rub the henna on the palm and bring it in the shape of an orb. Once you have a shape like an orb, sticky and thin it. Then, after some time, draw a small leaf-like shape on the orb. Then we attempt to bring the form below.

  • Suitable for: normal festival, any house function.
  • Required material: Cylindrical object or bangle, mehndi cone.
  1. Back Hand design

This type of mehndi has the most beautiful appearance on the back of the hand. this is a beautiful flower pattern from the index finger to the wrist on the back of the hand. Viewers are also very attracted designs. Setting up this shape is a bit difficult but there is looking gorgeous. So people like this type of mehndi design in our festival days.

Wash the back of the hand well. Take the stick with a little sharpness, You should try to paint Mehndi with given below the design. This design is not as simple as the other. It needs to be closely watched and designed. Mehndi should not be rubbed too much in the back. If you make any mistake in this, you should immediately rub it with water.if you follow the steps, you will find the right backhand design format.

  • Suitable for: Eid, Festival, relative marriage
  • Required material: Soft mehndi, Slightly sharp stick. ordinary water.
  1. foot mehndi design

Mehndi Design for Foot Have you heard about this? For some people, this may be new but It is a type of mehndi form its call foot design. Most popular foot mehndi design for Bride.

Take off the shoes before the drawn design, The feet should be thoroughly washed, Then apply the Mehandi on the upper side of the foot. Then draw their line of thought on the top of the foot. After the mehndi dries it looks quite amazing.

  • Suitable for: Wedding bride
  • Required material: Normal mehndi cone, hard stick.
  1. wrist mehndi design

A type of design that can be drawn on the wrist of the hand, It looks like a bangle or bracelet to look at. Its exterior looks like a flower-like structure that attracts people easily. This is a little difficult to design. because the curve is very high.

Clean your hands with a normal towel after washing, After the wrist is well dried, apply some mehndi to the top of the wrist. Then you have to draw the shape you think of with a little sharp stick. Be patient when drawing. Along with this don’t shake it your hand. if u follow those methods the shape you thought of with the would-be on your wrist.

  • Suitable for: Normal festival days
  • Required material: soft mehndi cone, small size sharp stick.
  1. colorful mehndi designs

A mehndi form that shines with more colors, you can draw this design by hand with some kind of pencil. but it doesn’t look in mehndi design. This is done with unique water or color pencil. but it doesn’t look natural. so some kind of people ignores this type of color design.

                Materials needed to design this one color pencil or color mehndi cone and Wash your hands thoroughly, as usual, then bring that pencil and draw the designs in given below the picture.

  • Suitable for: weekdays, weekend parties.
  • Required material: color mehndi cone, small size sharp stick, color pencil.
  1. full cover easy design

The most beautiful mehndi design that can be drawn around the whole hand,    A beautiful design that can amaze viewers. But not as easy as we think. To draw this kind of shape there must be a little Experience. Only then can we bring that form without hesitation. It may take some time to bring this shape up.

The rest of our work can be set aside for a while, Then wash your hands with patience. This may require a little more mehndi. This is because it is a slightly curved design. Then take a good look at the photo below and draw this design.

  • Suitable for: marriage, important festivals, big relative parties
  • Required material: mehndi cone, small size sharp stick, normal water.
  1. Traditional design

Designs are found within the culture that people follow. It is subject to the culture of the native place and the country. So this is constantly changing from place to place. It is impossible to predict which type of person will like it. But we have come up with a common design form for you. This cultural form is also known as the Arabic form Mehndi Design.

Always wash your hands well when drawing the henna, Take a sharp little stick and try to bring it into the shape of Arabic design. It is a little hard to design but very beautiful to look at after finishing up.

  • Suitable for: Traditional marriage function 
  • Required material: mehndi cone, small size sharp stick, normal water.
  1. modern mehndi designs

 This form is ideal for growing young people. There is no perfect design form for this modern mehndi. Draw the shape that appears in their minds.this is what young minds will draw in their hands.

                Wash your hands and let them sit in one place. Then with the help of a stick, you can draw the shape that comes to your mind. This does not require a deeper idea. Draw the moderately minded that comes to your mind. Then the shape you think is in your hand.

  • Suitable for: Normal days, Weekends
  • Required material: soft mehndi cone, small size sharp stick.

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