Types of fashion designing | catalog & cloth types Characteristics of this cloth material

Types of fashion designing
Types of fashion designing

Types of fashion designing

          Every country has one type of fashion. It depends on the livelihood of those people. No one can be ignorant of fashion design, because who doesn’t like to beautify itself. Everyone wants to beautify themselves. So beauty plays an important role in our lives. It is usual to beautify oneself before going to our ceremony or to a new place. People will beautify themselves according to the culture that suits them. Every country is changing the way beauty products are tailored to their respective countries. Some countries will follow the beauty of his earlier times. The beauty products vary according to the country and the location. The designers adapt to his or her country and location Designers who are subject to the culture they design.

Fashion catalog in cloth

          Each department has its own type. Types of this field are much higher than any other. Because it is designed to fit people, there are more varieties. Despite this, there are more and more accessories in clothing design. There is a wide variety of fabrics and a lot of shapes. This is where competing designers find the most. For you many different types and types of designers for us we have brought

  1. the front design of Kurti
  2. costume designer
  3. wedding dress designers
  4. Lehenga designer
  5. neck designs for blouse
  6. kurta pajama designer

There are many such varieties in India. Indian people very much like these designs. It is also a favorite wearable for a wedding. They follow the culture and ancient memories and patterns of most of today’s Indian country. The kurta pajama groom is the most sought after wearable in India. Lekanga Chloe is the most favorite dress in India for the bride to wear. This kind of culture is being adopted in different countries, not just in this country. The fashion market in India is very extensive, so the need for designers is very high. Types are more prevalent because organizers are more visible. As the population grows, there will be special events throughout the year. There is a lot of growth in the fashion industry due to the high number of special events.

Fashion catalog (clothing)

                    Clothes are a very important role to play in fashion design without cloth is nothing will be possible in the fashion industry. Many different types of clothes every design requires a certain kind of cloth material. This clothing can generally be classified into several.

The most common types of clothes

  1. Cotton cloth
  2. linen cloth
  3. polyester cloth
  4. silk cloth
  5. leather cloth
  6. Mix  cloth

Characteristics of this cloth 

  1. Cotton Cloth

Cotton cloth is a bit expensive. It becomes a favorite wearable during the summer. This is because it gives your body a little bit more coolness. So it becomes favorite clothes for summer It protects our skin in all types of At all times. Its character is very smooth and is beautiful to behold during all seasons.

2. Linen Cloth

This is also a kind of fabric made of cotton. It is a kind of cotton, like cotton material. The linen is found in cottonseed. Cotton mills are most commonly found in tropical countries. Not only this but all kinds of clothes are made from the seeds of the Cottonseed. This is next to the linen-cotton as it looks like cotton.so this too is a little expensive.

3.polyester cloth

It is found in a slightly plastic mixture. These types of garments are manufactured by mixing plastic with cottonseed. It looks a little harder. It is often used by some in winter. This makes it more business in the black market because it is cheaper. It can be used liberally for hard use, Its use in decorative materials enhances its shine. But people tend to avoid wearing polyester clothes in clothing.

  1. leather cloth

It is made from animal skins. It is so expensive that it becomes a garment that only Rich people can use. This type of cloth is being used extensively in cold regions and Place factories are more prevalent in the cold. This is because it gives the body in a warmer feel.  Leather cloth commonly used in shoes. However, it is less in use than in cotton clothes.

  1. Mix  cloth

Mix cloth is a kind of cloth that is taken from all kinds of cloth. Cotton, Polyester, All of which is mixed. it is used in decorative items. it’s using this kind of fabric in low-quality clothing. People use these types of mixed cloth once. they are being used more for other uses like cleaning and other things.

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