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In our body parts Protecting our feet is one of our most important duties, Because the foot is the next step in our lives. So we have come up with all sorts of shoes, slippers, and footwear the best for you, we bring you the beauty and size to suit your feet. Not only that we have brought all kinds of shoes and slippers and footwear for males, females and every child. Apart from this, we have low cost Well Made sandals, shoes & sneakers, and slippers for you, all brands we have brought to you only after we have used them individually and experience all kind of brand and after enjoying the brand value, not only this we enjoyed it to Luxurious brands. only then We’ve listed the things that you need.


                                Established in seventeen August 1984 with venturing into a Hawai Sheet producing unit, In a while Hawai & flip flop slippers straps were conjointly inducted to the assembly line and in 1986, VKC cluster launched the primary product with its own name VKC Hawai within the market with associate degree initial production of 600 pairs per day. It is very inexpensive in available all kinds of designs, ladies’ slippers and footwear for males, females and every child. Not only that it’s available at the all most every footwear shop near your city and village. It is cheap so everyone will definitely wear it at least once in our life.

2. Paragon

                In the year 1975 with a production capability of 1500 pairs every day, Paragon created its humble entry into the Indian market in slippers. Kerala, the south tip of the country was home to the young whole. within the year 1982, once gaining quality in its home state of Kerala, Paragon began its journey to the opposite Indian states. the corporate powerfully believes that its greatest strength is its employees and its distributors. The company’s distribution of footwear is networked through eighteen depots across #India. Retail shopkeepers square measure maintained by over 450 distributors, delivering stocks to each corner of the country within the shortest attainable time, This is one of the Cheap and best Footwear to sell mostly Indian people are like more in this brand because ladies slippers it’s so confident and it has branches in almost cover all the in urban areas and rural areas.

3. Metro

                In the year of liberation, 1947, alone shop opened its doors to the general public in Colaba, Mumbai. #Shoes, the brand, is currently a home name in India. It’s a little bit expensive, some of these accessories material made of leather. This is a nice assortment of footwear for male and female, not only this Over the past seven decades, the slippers corporate and therefore the complete became substitutable with unmatched quality, complete skill, and high-fashion merchandise within the footwear trade. Metro footwear includes a wide network of exclusive showrooms at quite 206 prime locations across one hundred and cities in India designed to bring customers, an in-depth assortment of footwear and accessories to suit their each would like. What began as one outlet in Mumbai has these days fully developing into a nationwide chain of unique fashion footwear and accessories stores for the whole family.

4. Sparx

                In 1976, 2 brothers Mukund Lal Dua & Ramesh Kumar Dua unreal to require their father’s footwear business to what Relaxo is these days – one in all the leading and most well-liked footwear firms in the Republic of India. Generally, this is the brand that college Students and young people they most desired.  Because of they more like sandals type slippers.  its headquarter in the Indian capital and eight producing units, Relaxo produces over six lakes pairs of footwear, every day. Relaxo footwear varies boasts a fine combination of comfort, style, and quality craft. A good assortment of trendy, colorful, flip flop slippers comfy and sturdy footwear for men, girls, and kids.

5. Puma

                Puma was founded in 1948 in Germany.  Which was the one and only business in manufactured at the time sports shoes, Then as the demand increased, the company was able to produce slippers ladies and Men’s and more stylish assortment and sandals not only that this assortment was very successfully reached for almost every young stars quickly? Not only that but it is beautifully set up for attracting viewers. and only that, but it is so lightweight so we cannot feel it wearing our feet. And you can get all kinds of occasional designs that suit your feet.

6.  Memory foam

                Memory is flip flop ladies and Men’s slippers Company foam was developed in 1966 beneath a contract by NASA’s Ames Centre to boost the security of craft cushions. The temperature-sensitive memory foam was at the start cited as “slow spring back foam” most referred to as it “temper foam”. These kinds of accessories mostly used in cold areas and in cold winters, not only that but they also benefit from living in homes used to control the temperature of our feet. Perfect for an active lifestyle in our home very well used for outdoor and indoor uses, thus controlling the temperature of our feet, such accessories are worn by the people in the cold and winter.

7. Sorel

                Sorel was originally a line of winter sport and work boots that were introduced in 1962 by the George S. merchant Rubber Company of field marshal, Ontario. They became its most productive line of products. George S. merchant Rubber Co. became George S. Kaufman Footwear in 1964. George S. Kaufman’s accessories declared bankruptcy in 2000. The Sorel trademark was bought by Columbia’s activewear. Following Columbia’s purchase, the Sorel whole was swollen to a different product, like nylon vesture and different work-related clothes. Also, people will want more for winter use because it keeping it safe our feet very cold during the winter. So after we use this kind of outfit we have shown you expand and sorting the best winter accessories and slippers.

8. Acorn

                Established in 1923 and the Main office in Cincinnati, Ohio, totes Isotoner is that the world’s leading designer, seller, and distributor of useful accessories within the rain, atmospheric condition, and footwear classes. The Acorn’s broad product stocks, includes hats, gloves, Umbrellas, flip flop slippers, and sandals. In 1997, totes and Isotoner unified to create the totes Isotoner Corporation. Proprietary brands within the USA embrace Isotoner slippers and cold weather, totes umbrellas, boots, and gift items, socks, and casual footwear, and hats, rainwear.

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